pricing for branding design

Investing in your company's image, and all the pieces you use to communicate it, is truly that --- an investment. My graphic design approach is authentic and goal-oriented -- with the plan that you get something in your hands that is worth the time and money you spent, and is valuable to your business. When we talk about your project, we'll go over how we want things to "look" which is an important piece being a visual communication designer, but we'll also discuss the action -- what this thing is supposed to "do?" Its a tool to accomplish something, afterall.

Sample pricing:

Logo and business identity design:  $800. Includes consultation time, three unique options to choose from, and three rounds of revisions.  

Full business brand design:  $1900.  Includes consultation time for scope of project, purpose and goals, original concept and design, files for print and web, business card design, stationery design, custom-written guide with all company identity colors and how to use them, one alternate signature logo, typography, paper and printing selections. 

Rack card or post card:  $370.  Flat card and two-sided. includes consultation time and three rounds of revisions

Tri-fold brochure: $770. includes consultation time and three rounds of revisions

Business card: $270. includes consultation time and three rounds of revisions

Graphic design of your marketing materials and more: priced per project at an hourly rate of $70, for things like t-shirts, catalogs, posters, signs, banners, display advertisements, billboard, web site graphics, mailers, coupons, tickets, and more! 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me and let's start a conversation to talk details about your project.